RoSPA: RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury

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Duration: 40 minutes.
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Repetitive Strain Injuries are, in this technological age, an increasing risk to workers and a challenge to organisational health and safety.

Any RSI is painful and, in some cases, highly debilitating. It can lead to an inability to do certain jobs, or even work at all. For the individual this can have physical, mental and finiancial costs, whilst for the organisation it can mean the additional costs of staff cover, recruitment and job training.

Absence due to sickness can also rob organisations of people with knowledge and skills that are vital for its sucess. A further problem is the increasing possibility of legal action taken by staff against employers who have failed to take appropriate steps to remove or reduce the risk of contracting RSI.

This course is a first important step in educating staff on what causes RSI, and how to avoid it.

This course is for new starters and any worker engaged in tasks where the risk of RSI may be present.

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The course covers:

- What is RSI?
- What are the causes of RSI?
- What are the symptoms of RSI?
- How to prevent RSI
- Desk-top stretches – animated exercises


Having completed this course, the learner will be able to undertake his or her job tasks in such a way that the risk of them contracting a Repetitive Strain Injury is reduced significantly.

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