Infection Control

Producer: Embrace Learning

Duration: 3 hours.
This product is an online product and is a single-user, 1-year licence.


This e-learning course comprises an introduction and two easy-to-follow study units. The importance of good hygiene and the ease with which infection can spread are key aspects, along with the importance of good infection control policies.

The recommended settings to run this course are:

- Minimum Internet Explorer 6/Netscape Navigator 7
- Flash enabled – Minimum V6
- Popup windows enabled
- Minimum Windows XP Operating System
- Authorware may also need to be installed for some courses


Unit Titles
•Unit 1 - How to Use the Course
•Unit 2 - Understanding Infection and Hand Hygiene
•Unit 3 - Controlling Infection and Safe Waste Disposal


At the end of the course, students will be able to:
•List common pathogenic microorganisms and explain why they are harmful
•Explain what HCAI means and why it is important
•Describe how the chain of infection serves to spread disease
•Identify key pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and explain how and when they are used
•Give key reasons why hands need to be decontaminated
•Deploy an effective hand-washing technique
•Describe how to break the chain of infection to prevent contamination
•Identify and comply with key components of infection control policy
•List their responsibilities as a member of staff
•Identify and separate different types of waste
•Explain the importance of handling waste safely
•Follow correct procedure when dealing with spillages and sharps.

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