Legionella Awareness

Producer: Embrace Learning

Duration: 2 hours.
This product is an online product and is a single-user, 1-year licence.


This e-learning course comprises of an introduction and an easy-to- follow study unit. After completing this unit you will have a fundamental understanding of what Legionella is, where it is found, how it infects people and the symptoms and consequences of contracting Legionnaires’ Disease.

The course covers the legal obligations of people who are responsible for the control and maintenance of commercial, industrial, public sector and residential premises, including employers and landlords, relating to the prevention of water contamination with Legionella Bacteria.

Students will explore how the law applies to employers, building controllers and landlords who control and maintain a variety of buildings including:

- commercial and industrial premises
- public sector buildings
- residential premises.

The recommended settings to run this course are:

- Minimum Internet Explorer 6/Netscape Navigator 7
- Flash enabled – Minimum V6
- Popup windows enabled
- Minimum Windows XP Operating System
- Authorware may also need to be installed for some courses


The materials in this course include quizzes and exercises to help reinforce learning. There is also an online assessment to test students' understanding of the topic on completion of the course.

Additional information and guidance is available from the course's resource section that can be downloaded and saved for future reference.


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

- explain what Legionella Bacteria is and where it can be found
- understand the route of infection and the symptoms of Legionnaires' Disease
- describe how suitable conditions for bacteria growth can be found in both hot and cold water systems and the preventative steps that can be taken
- identify who is responsible for compliance with government regulations and legislation relating to the control of Legionella and Legionnaires' Disease
- identify a competent person/persons or company to carry out relevant risk assessments
- understand the reasons for Legionella sampling, cleaning, disinfection and chlorination.

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