Risk Assessment Essentials - Approved by IOSH

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Duration: 1 hours.
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‘Risk Assessment’ is a term that most people will be familiar with. However, it’s also a term that many people do not fully understand and describes a task about which there is often considerable confusion.


Risk assessment is important because it forms an integral part of an effective occupational health and safety management plan. It also, however, fulfills other important functions including:
• Creating an awareness of specific workplace hazards
• Identification of people who may be at risk from those hazards
• Determining whether existing control measures are adequate or if further action is required
• Prioritising hazards and control measures and • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
This course enables the learner to understand how risk assessment fulfills these roles and the steps they must take to conduct an effective risk assessment


The meaning of ‘hazard’, ‘risk’ and ‘hazardous event’

What is risk assessment?

Involving the right people in risk assessment

The five step risk assessment process

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