Accredit ILM Bundle - 23 Units

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This bundle of courses is designed for learners who wish to undertake Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) validated learning, whether for personal development or in order to undertake professional qualifications.

This group of modules is fully available 'On-Line' and provides the underpinning knowledge, learning outcomes and guided learning hours required to undertake the relevant assessments required to accrue enough credits for either of the following: - an ILM Award, Certificate or Diploma in Leadership & Management at Level 3.

In order to complete the work required to obtain the credits, learners would need to register with he Insitute of Leadership & Management and then undertake the relevant assignments/assessments required by ILM . This can be achieved by contacting any accredited ILM centre.

If you would like to discuss the qualification options, please contact Thinking Performers Ltd on 02920 026183 or e-mail


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Programme Make-Up
• All the individual Modules equates directly to the ILM Level 3 Units of the same name
• Content rich programmes covering key concepts, theories and models
• ‘Click’ and reveal pdf approach provides additional background and explanations
• ‘Checkpoint’ activities engage learners in practical investigation and application of learning
• Clean and clear graphics make for an enjoyable and effective learning environment

Module Titles included in the Bundle: -

• Solving Problems and Making Decisions 2 Credits
• Understanding Innovation and Change in the Workplace 2 Credits
• Planning Change in the Workplace 2 Credits
• Planning and Allocating Work 2 Credits
• Writing for Business 2 Credits
• Contributing to Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace 2 Credits
• Understanding Customer Service Standards and Requirements 2 Credits
• Giving Briefings and Making Presentations 2 Credits
• Understanding Leadership 2 Credits
• Understanding How to Motivate to Improve Performance 2 Credits
• Developing Yourself and Others 2 Credits
• Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace 1 Credit
• Understanding Stress Management in the Workplace 1 Credit
• Understanding Training and Coaching in the Workplace 2 Credits
• Understanding Quality Management in the Workplace 2 Credits
• Understanding Organising and Delegating in the Workplace 1 Credit
• Understanding Health and Safety in the Workplace 2 Credits
• Understand the Organisation and its context 2 Credits
• Understanding Performance Management 2 Credits
• Understanding Costs and Budgets in an Organisation 1 Credit
• Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace 2 Credits
• Understand How to Lead Effective Meetings 2 Credits
• Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively 2 Credits


To develop an understanding of the skills, knowledge and behaviours required by a practising or potential leader/manager at ILM Level 3.

These products have been designed to enable learners the oportunity to complete ILM qualification 'on-line', without having to attend any workshops.

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