Understanding Leadership - ILM

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Duration: 6 hours.
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This course is designed for learners who wish to undertake Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) validated learning, whether for personal development or in order to undertake professional qualifications.
This module provides the underpinning knowledge, learning outcomes and guided learning hours required to undertake the relevant assessments required to accrue 2 credits towards an ILM Award, Certificate or Diploma in Leadership & Management at Level 3. Completion of this module as a stand-alone piece of eLearning does not provide an ILM qualification.

A completion certificate from CoursesForYou will be provided upon completion of this module of eLearning.


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Programme Make-Up
• Module equates directly to the ILM Level 3 Unit of the same name
• Content rich programme covering key concepts, theories and models
• ‘Click’ and reveal pdf approach provides additional background and explanations
• ‘Checkpoint’ activities engage learners in practical investigation and application of learning
• Clean and clear graphics make for an enjoyable and effective learning environment

Programme Content/Outcomes
In this unit we will look at:
• You as a leader
• The roles and responsibilities of a team leader
• Leadership styles
When we think of leaders, many of us still think of the larger than life characters we see in Hollywood films. In truth leadership in today’s business world is much deeper and more subtle than that.
Not long ago, organisations had a single leader “at the helm”, and everybody else followed them. However, in today’s rapidly changing competitive environment, organisations expect to see leadership at all levels - it is no longer enough to just follow.
So when we talk about leadership, what we really mean in practice is a manager’s ability to demonstrate:
• Leadership Qualities and
• Leadership Behaviour


To develop an introductory knowledge and understanding of leadership as required by a practising or potential leader/manager at ILM Level 3.

At the end of this unit you will be able to:

• Understand leadership styles
• Identify the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviour in the workplace
• Describe how to alter your actions and behaviours to adopt different leadership styles
• Explain how these leadership styles will affect individual and group behaviours
• Identify different leadership qualities
• Compare the difference between leadership and management

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