Avoiding and Dealing with Religious or Belief Discrimination

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Duration: 45 minutes.
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According to the Office for National Statistics there are at least 170 different religions or beliefs being practiced in the United Kingdom.

This means that many UK workplaces are rich with people of different beliefs – or indeed nonbelief - different customs and different perspectives on life and death.

It also means that successful organisations will ensure that its employees are able to express their religion, belief or non-belief without prejudice or discrimination.

This course is aimed at everyone within an organisation.

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This course is designed to teach the learner:

- Religion
- Philosophical Belief
- Non-Belief
- Establishing Workplace Policies
- Accommodating Religious or Belief Needs
- Employment Contracts
- Types of Religion or Belief Discrimination
- Justifying Indirect Discrimination
- Harassment
- Occupational Requirement
- Positive Action


This course will enable the learner to understand and recognise religious or belief discrimination and take appropriate steps to avoid or deal with it.

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