Common Assessment Framework (Managers)

Producer: Embrace Learning

Duration: 14 hours.
This product is an online product and is a single-user, 1-year licence.
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This version of the training course is aimed specifically at Managers who may be responsible for training workers in the Common Assessment Framework and have a role to play in implementing the CAF locally.

This comprehensive e-learning course for managers comprises seven easy-to-follow units - an introduction and six study units. It covers the reasons behind the need for the Common Assessment Framework and the five key outcomes of the Every Child Matters policy. A separate CAF course is available for practitioners.

The recommended settings to run this course are:

- Minimum Internet Explorer 6/Netscape Navigator 7
- Flash enabled – Minimum V6
- Popup windows enabled
- Minimum Windows 2000 Operating System
- Authorware may also need to be installed for some courses


Training course units include:

- Introduction to the CAF
- Applying the CAF
- Sharing Information
- Integrated Working
- The Lead Professional
- Partner Organisations


By the end of the course, students will have learnedabout a wide range of issues, including:

- The basic principles of the CAF's standardised approach
- The six keys aims of the CAF
- Completing the pre-assessment process
- Identifying children with complex needs
- When (and when not) to do a CAF assessment
- The 3-step process as described by the Children's Workforce Development Council
- The Eight Stages as described in the CWDC practitioners’ handbook
- The importance of involving other agencies and sharing
- The process for selecting and appointing a Lead Professional and the skills they need
- Working in a team with someone else as Lead Professional
- Who will be expected to complete the CAF forms and who will not
- How things might go wrong, and what to expect in terms of line management and support
- How the CAF will work alongside other established assessment frameworks
- How voluntary and statutory service providers engage with the CAF
- The roles of partner organisations

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