Acquired Brain Injury Awareness

Producer: Embrace Learning

Duration: 3 hours.
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Aimed at people working in the health and social care sectors, this training course has been developed in association with British Institute of Learning Disabilities and Voyage Care.

The aim of this e-learning training course is to provide learners with information about acquired brain injuries (ABIs) - what they are, possible causes and the impact they can have on people, their families and friends.

It will help learners to understand the kind of support that might be required to help people through rehabilitation, the possible barriers to recovery and ways of helping service users to cope with everyday tasks.

By gaining a better understanding of the implications of ABIs, learners will be able to offer more effective support to the people in their care.

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Acquired Brain Injury Awareness, is broken down into four easy-to-follow units - an introduction and three study units.

The study units are:

- An introduction to the brain and acquired brain injury
- The effects of acquired brain injuries
- Providing support


By the end of each study unit learners will be able to:

- Name the six main areas of the brain
- Briefly describe the function of each area of the brain
- Define acquired brain injury and identify possible causes
- Explain the possible effects of injuries to different parts of the brain
- List the five categories into which the effects of acquired brain
injuries (ABIs) fall
- Explain why people experience a feeling of loss or bereavement
- Describe the kinds of problems that can arise in relation to
cognitive and communication skills
- Understand how a person’s behaviour and emotional state may change
- Identify the physical impact an acquired brain injury can have
- Identify the areas of a person’s life that might change as a result of an ABI
- Understand the importance of effective planning when supporting someone
- Explain what is meant by rehabilitation and what it involves
- List some of the possible barriers to rehabilitation
- Describe some of the ways to help people cope with everyday tasks
- Identify the role that therapists play in a person’s support network.

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