Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Test

Producer: EduCare

Duration: 4 hours.
This product is an online product and is a single-user, 1-year licence.


Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults is designed for people who have already completed training on the subject (such as the EduSafe Protecting Vulnerable Adults programme). This questionnaire will test knowledge in relation to safeguarding vulnerable adults and is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with vulnerable adults during work, voluntary or leisure activities.

Programme make-up

- A test booklet containing 20 questions including 2 scenario based questions.
- A personalised certificate on successful completion (valid for three years).
- Available in paper-based and online learning methods.

The recommended settings to run this course are:

- Minimum Internet Explorer 6/Netscape Navigator 7
- Flash enabled – Minimum V6
- Popup windows enabled
- Minimum Windows 2000 Operating System
- Silverlight may also need to be installed for some courses
- Most ECDL courses will require a download of the ActivX component from within the course


Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Test Paper can be used in 4 different ways:

1. Use to pre-screening job applicants

Test applicants’ knowledge and provide clear evidence of how up-to-date it is.

2. Use as part of your induction process

By incorporating the test into your induction process, all staff can be effectively benchmarked and, where appropriate, further training can be undertaken.

3. Use as a refresher

EduCare recommend that all staff working with vulnerable adults regularly refresh their knowledge of adult safeguarding, ideally every three years.

4. Use as pre-inspection reassurance.

The test provides you and your organisation with reassurance that your safeguarding vulnerable adults knowledge is up-to-date and that all are familiar with best practice in promoting the welfare of vulnerable adults.


Programme benefits

- Refreshes knowledge in the field of safeguarding vulnerable adults.
- Staff with different working arrangements and in different locations receive the same clear consistent messages.
- Can be used as part of the induction process in both paid and voluntary sectors.

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