Tissue Viability

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Duration: 2.5 hours.
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CPD Certified - on average contributes 2 - 3 hours towards your CPD.

Pressure ulcers can be extremely painful, difficult treat and in some extreme cases even life threating. As a result, this module has been designed to provide learners with an increased an awareness of the causes and contributing factors of skin pressure damage, referred to as ulcers.

This module provides learners with an increased understanding of the regulatory requirements relating to tissue viability, as well as information on appropriate wound care.

This module is aimed at all employees working in the Health and Social Care Sector who work with individuals susceptible to pressures ulcers. The course is also suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about tissue viability, its causes and potential treatment.

The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

This product allows the student to print a certificate from the course on sucessful completion.

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The modules covered within this course are:

- Welcome and learning objectives
- Introduction
- Normal Skin
- Pressure ulcers and risk factors
- Assessment
- Healing
- Equipment and good practise


On completion of the module, learners will also have the required knowledge to assess the risk from pressure ulcers on individuals and knowledge of the relevant tools available to prevent damage occurring.

On completion of this course learners will:

- Recognise regulatory requirements
- Define the term "pressure ulcer"
- Describe the basic structure of skin
- Describe the common sites for the development of pressure ulcers
- Outline the role nutrition and health play in the prevention of skin damage
- List aids to prevent and relieve pressure

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