Polish IOSH Working Safely

Producer: Safety4Business

Duration: 10 hours.
This product is an online product and is a single-user, 6-month licence.


CPD Certified - contributes 8 points towards your CPD.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) courses have been developed to address the training needs of the non-health and safety expert. Highly successful, the practical, certified courses are delivered to an average of 100,000 people per year.

Health and safety legislation places many responsibilities on the shoulders of employers, and one of those responsibilities is for the provision of necessary information, instruction and training. 'Working Safely' is purpose designed by IOSH to provide the right content to fulfil entry-level health and safety training requirements for all employees. By putting their people through 'Working Safely' an employer will be taking the first important step in complying with the legal requirements surrounding health and safety training.

The Polish online ‘Working Safely’ course is designed to ensure that the learner fully understands their responsibility for ensuring both their own health and safety as well as that of other people. It also enables the learner to recognise key workplace hazards, assess risks and put safety precautions in place.

The online course follows the same syllabus as that for more traditional classroom based version, but provides the added benefits of:

- Just-in-time learning – The flexibility of e-learning means that this key health and safety knowledge can be delivered to the individuals who need it at the precise time they need it
- Learner centred – The self-paced format accommodates all levels of ability and learning time availability
- Consistency of message – e-learning ensures that everyone gets the same information in the same way. This is very important, especially in subjects driven by legislation, such as health and safety
- Job down-time minimised – learning can be scheduled for delivery at times most convenient to both the learner and management
- Learner friendly – The course is engaging, interactive and good to look at
- Good learning retention – research suggests that retention is better than that resulting from traditional training methods
- Location Flexibility – e-learning provides a practical solution to the problems of where and when to carry out training
- Cost effective – Per head training costs can ensure maximum value for money within the training budget

The Polish IOSH Working Safely course covers:

- What kinds of things can cause harm?
- What is risk?
- How can risks be controlled?
- How do you decide what to do about risks?
- The common hazards
- Dealing with common hazards
- How an organisation improve safety
- Your responsibilities for improving safety
- Your organisation’s responsibilities for improving safety
- The effect of industry on the environment
- Reducing pollution and waste

Please Note: students will only have access to this title for 6 months from the date of order as per IOSH rules and the assessment must be completed within this time. If this is not achieved, the student will have to reorder the product.

This product is certified by an awarding body and the certificate is sent out to the student via Customer Services upon sucessful completion.

The recommended settings to run this course are:

- Minimum Internet Explorer 6/Netscape Navigator 7
- Flash enabled – Minimum V6
- Popup windows enabled
- Minimum Windows 2000 Operating System
- Authorware may also need to be installed for some courses

Important Information for Learners

On successful completion of the learning modules you will be able to access the online Final Assessment. You will have a total of 2 attempts at passing the Final Assessment. The questions contained within the assessment are drawn randomly from a large bank of questions; this means that the same questions are never asked in any two Final Assessments.

On successful completion of the assessment you will be presented with a ‘Confirmation of Completion’ screen. This screen enables you to confirm your completion of the Final Assessment with IOSH by entering the 'Unique ID' number provided, and clicking the ‘submit’ button on screen. Your Unique ID number is below your username and password before you launch the course. Please ensure you have it to hand before commencing the Final Assessment.

Your IOSH Working Safely Certificate will be sent to you by post within approximately 1 month of completion.

Throughout the course you have access to a course tutor who will be able to help you if there is anything you do not understand or need explaining more fully. Your tutor can be contacted by email or fax, and these details can be found by clicking on the ‘Resources’ tab at the top of the course screen.

Please note the course, course test and course project must be completed by the student named above. Plagiarism is treated as a serious matter and will result in the student failing the course. Further action may also be taken by the company in question and Safety4business Ltd.

NB. Please ensure your name is correct within the course before submitting your assessments as that is the name that will appear on your IOSH Working Safely Certificate when issued. If this name is incorrect please notify us by return. Name corrections or changes result in an additional £25 IOSH charge.


The Polish IOSH Working Safely title is aimed at at all people, whose work exposes them, or others, to risk. It aims to make employees, at all levels, aware of their responsibility for safety toward themselves, colleagues and others affected by their work activities. There are no prerequisites to this course. This courseware is only available without audio.

The course is divided into six parts, consisting of five modules and a final assessment:

Module 1: Introducing ‘Working Safely’
– An introduction to the course and the principles of why working safely is important

Module 2: Defining hazard and risk
- Understanding what constitutes a 'hazard' and recognising the different types
- Understanding the principles of risk and risk assessment

Module 3: Identifying Common Hazards
- Recognising 18 of the most common workplace hazards
- How they arise
- How to remove or reduce the risk

Module 4: Improving Safety Performance
- Understanding safe systems wof work
- A look at how, when and why to use PPE
- Recognising safety signs
- An overview of emergency procedures and first aid
- Understanding the basics of measuring health and safety and reporting incidents

Module 5: Protecting Our Environment
– Understanding how industry affects the environment
- Discovering what industry and the individual can do to reduce pollution and waste

Final Assessment:
– an assessment consisting of 30 mostly multi-choice questions designed to validate learning and lead to the award of the ‘Working Safely Certificate’

Each module contains a series of smaller ‘learning units' and the unitised structure ensures that the learning is presented in small, easily digested chunks – a well-known feature of effective learning materials.

The Task Book that goes with this title is included in the course and students can download it once they have access to the title. It consists of a series of exercises and observations to be undertaken following completion of the course. It is intended to help the learner to transfer what they have learned about specific health and safety topics to the ‘real life’ environment of their own workplace. Full instructions on how to use it are contained within the Task Book itself. As well as containing exercises and the opportunity to make notes, the Task Book contains summaries and key points drawn from the course itself. This makes it a useful reference source when the course and exercises have been completed.

Online tutor support is available via email or fax for students whose organisations cannot provide a suitably qualified health and safety professional.

An IOSH ‘Working safely’ certificate is awarded to all those who undertake the course and successfully complete both the course units and Final assessment. Understanding of the course material is evaluated by means of a 25-minute online assessment consisting of 30 multi-choice questions and hazard identification questions.


Having completed this course the learner will, on returning to his or her job role, be able to:

- Identify hazards and evaluate risks in their workplace
- Understand how their organisation goes about improving safety and the part they play in the process
- Recognise the importance of measuring the success of health and safety and play an appropriate part in the measuringand monitoring process
- Understand the impacts of both industry and individuals on the environment and take appropriate steps to lessen this impact wherever possible

Having achieved the learning outcomes of the course, the learner will:

- Recognise hazards, assess risks and implement workplace precautions, be able to ensure their own safety, and that of others, in their workplace
- Adopt a responsible attitude to protecting the environment and support his or her employer in their efforts to reduce the impact on it of industry and commerce

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