Aseptic Techniques

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Duration: 2 hours.
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CPD Certified - on average contributes 1 - 2 hours towards your CPD.

Rising levels of health care associated infection (HCAI) have gained prominence in the media and in politics, leading to great public concern. All NHS organisations are required to put infection prevention and control at the heart of good management and clinical practice.

The Aseptic Techniques module is targeted primarily at healthcare workers in NHS organisations, though the information is applicable to anyone working in the healthcare sector in general.

The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

This product allows the student to print a certificate from the course on sucessful completion.

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This course covers the following topics:

- Learning Objectives
- Overview of asepsis and understanding the principles
- Aseptic technique
- Clean technique
- Aseptic verses clean technique
- Hazards
- Summary


Having completed the Aseptic Techniques course, learners will understand what an aseptic technique is, what circumstances the technique should be used in and the reasons why. They should also be able to apply the principles learnt in this course into practice.

On completion of this course learners will:

- Explain the reason for an aseptic technique
- Describe the need for standard precaution
- Interpret the principles of an aseptic technique
- Decide when to carry out an aseptic technique verse clean technique
- Apply principles to Practice
- Define the main elements of infection prevention control

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