Personal Safety Programme

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Duration: 5 hours.
This product is an online product and is a single-user, 1-year licence.


The risk of being a victim of crime is statistically low. However, we all know of someone who has been affeced by crime, whether personally, through friends or relatives or evennvia the media. There are therefore ways in which you can reduce your fear of crime and the possibikity of you becoming a victim of crime.

The Personal Safety programme is delivered in five short modules with questionnaires to help test understanding. On sucessful completion, participants are awarded a personalised EduSafe Secured by Design certificate.

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The Personal Safety course covers the following topics:

Module 1 - The Facts about Personal Safety
- The different types of threat to your personal safety
- Who is statistically more at risk
- The fear of crime and its effects
- Your risk of becoming a victim of crime

Module 2 - Assessing Risk and Planning Your Safety
- Two key risk assessment streatgies - the Risk Escalator and Think - Plan - Act
- Examples of how the strategies can be used
- How to apply the strategies to your situation/environment

Module 3 - Strategies for Diffusing Difficult Situations
- Your natural responses to fear and instincts
- How tense situations could escalate
- How to defuse an argument using the Calming - Reproaching - Managing approach

Module 4 - Practical Tips to Minimise Risk
- How to make your home and place of work more secure/safe
- Travelling safely
- Using the internet
- Lone working

Module 5 - Working in Other People's Homes
- Possible risks of working in other people's homes
- Strategies which you can apply to manage and decrease these risks
- Ways in which you can put safety skills into practice


This Personal Safety course has been accredited with the Association of Chief Police Offices 'Secured by Design' seal of approval. This prestigious seal is awarded to products or services that reduce crime of the fear of crime. The programme will help you to identify who is at most risk and situations where your personal safety could be compromised. It will show you how to reduce the risks by using risk assessment and a number of proven positive action techniques. The skills and techniques are appropriate for both work and leisure safety.

This programme is effective and easy to use. The course content is delivered in easy to absorb bite-size pieces and the course also contains interaction in order to verify that learners have received and understood the messages being conveyed. Each participant has their own personal learning area, providing them with access to their assigned programmes, account information, personal reports and learning bookmarks.

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