Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

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Duration: 4 hours.
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It may be surprising to know that there are no published statistics on the number of adults known to have experienced abuse or maltreatment by their carers, colleagues, friends or family. However, it is commonly estimated to be more than 5%. By being informed in basic vulnerable adult protection awareness you can play your part in preventing adult abuse.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults was Produced with a consortium of leading health and social care organisations (including Mencap, the Royal College of Nursing and St John Ambulance). The programme is designed for anyone who comes into contact with vulnerable adults during work, voluntary or leisure activities. It breaks down the complexities of adult abuse, giving definitions of the different types of abuse, identifying who might abuse, signs and indicators of abuse and who you should turn to should you suspect an adult is being maltreated.

Programme make-up
• Modular, bite-size format provides an easy way to learn the essentials.
• There are four concise learning modules, four accompanying questionnaires and full instructions throughout.
• A personalised consortium accredited certificate on successful completion provides evidence of learning.
• There is confirmation of the correct answers to reinforce the participant’s knowledge.

This product allows the student to print a certificate from the course on sucessful completion.

Programme benefits
• Brings paid and volunteer staff quickly up-to-speed.
• People with different working arrangements and in different locations receive the same clear, consistent messages.
• The programme can be used as a pre-employment, induction or refresher tool.
• The reassurance of knowing that the content has been written and approved by experts.

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The Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults course covers the following topics:

Module 1 – Understanding the basics
Learn about the definition of a vulnerable adult (adult at risk); the different types of abuse; who may be at risk and why and the effects abuse can have on an adult.

Module 2 – Recognising adult abuse
Examine who abuses and why; situations where abuse might occur; what to do if a vulnerable adult confides in you and how to report abuse.

Module 3 – Reporting abuse
Understand the importance of taking action and what action should you take. The importance of keeping records and what happens after you report your concerns.

Module 4 – Good practice guidelines
Look at legislation and vulnerable adults’ rights; your organisation’s responsibilities; your personal code of conduct; how to
deal with false allegations; the importance of constant vigilance and pathways for further learning.


Safeguarding vulnerable adults is both a moral responsibility and a legal duty of care. Produced with a consortium of leading health and social care organisations, this programme is essential for anyone coming into contact with vulnerable adults through their work or voluntary activities.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults will give you the key information you will need to protect vulnerable adults in your care including; what abuse is, key signs and indicators, who may pose a threat and most importantly, what to do if you suspect someone is being or has been abused.

This programme is effective and easy to use. The course content is delivered in easy to absorb bite-size pieces and the course also contains interaction in order to verify that learners have received and understood the messages being conveyed. Each participant has their own personal learning area, providing them with access to their assigned programmes, account information, personal reports and learning bookmarks.

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