Basic Food Hygiene

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Duration: 3 hours.
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Around one in 10 people in the UK suffer from a food-borne illness every year; with an estimated 9,000 people dying as a result of a food-borne illness. More than 250 diseases can be caused by contaminated food and drink (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, USA ). With statistics like these, food safety, hygiene and the prevention of contamination should be at the top of the list of everyone who works in the food industry.

Basic Food Hygiene accredited by RoSPA, is specifically designed for food handlers, particularly those using and storing raw ingredients and high-risk foods.

The four concise learning modules cover the fundamentals of food-borne illness, prevention of food poisoning, effective hygiene, HACCP, and the law and regulations. The programme also includes a proficiency test to reinforce your knowledge. On successful completion of the proficiency test, participants are awarded a personalised certificate accredited by RoSPA.

The certificate for this course is personalised and downloadable upon sucessful completion of the questionnaires.

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The Basic Food Hygiene course covers the following topics:

Section 1 – Food-borne illness, bacteria & prevention
- The different kinds of food-borne illness
- Bacteria – the good and the bad
- High risk foods and allergies

Section 2 – Contamination, spoilage & prevention of food poisoning
- The different kinds of contamination: microbiological, physical, chemical
- Where contamination can occue
- How to control contamination and spoilage
- A guide to safe temperatures

Section 3 – Effective hygiene
- The importance of personal hygiene
- Keeping premises and equipment clean
- Food pests and bad habits
- Effective cleaning and disinfecting

Section 4 – Storage, HACCP and the law
- How food is delivered and stored
- Useful tips for good storage practice
- The importance of HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point)
- The law and regulations

Section 5 – Proficiency test
- Reinforces the participant’s knowledge over the whole programme


Basic Food Hygiene has been specifically designed for food handlers, particularly those using and storing raw goods. Learn about food-borne illnesses and contamination and how to take preventative measures including correct storage and effective hygiene. The programme will also help you to understand your legal responsibilities.

This programme is effective and easy to use. The course content is delivered in easy to absorb bite-size pieces and the course also contains interaction in order to verify that learners have received and understood the messages being conveyed. Each participant has their own personal learning area, providing them with access to their assigned programmes, account information, personal reports and learning bookmarks.

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