Vehicle Fitting - NVQ Level 1

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Duration: 3 hours.
This product is an online product and is a single-user, 1-year licence.
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This on line learning course is an ideal introduction to the maintenance & repair of automotive vehicles. It is particularly suitable for people who wish to work within the Fast Fit industry.

This N/SVQ qualification is recognised throughout the industry, and forms the foundation for the underpinning knowledge required to enable advancement to N/SVQ level 2.

The recommended settings to run this course are:

- Minimum Internet Explorer 6/Netscape Navigator 7
- Flash enabled – Minimum V6
- Popup windows enabled
- Minimum Windows 2000 Operating System
- Authorware may also need to be installed for some courses


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The course covers the following Three Mandatory Units:

• Contribute to Workplace Good Housekeeping

• Ensure Your Own Actions Reduce Risk to Health and Safety

• Maintain Positive Working Relationships

The following are Optional Units of which you have to choose Two:

• Inspect and Repair and Replace Standard Light Vehicle Tyres

• Inspect and Repair and Replace Heavy Vehicle Tyres

• Receive and Recover Stock

Total number of Units to be completed is Five


• Learners will be able to understand the general basics of motor vehicle fitting

• Learners will gain knowledge in the relevant aspects of Health & Safety and put them into practice

• Learners will understand the importance of working as part of a team

• Learners will provide evidence of the understanding and knowledge gained on the course

Learners will be able to reference the evidence gained to the N/SVQ level 1 qualification

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