Silent Selling - Using Body Language in Sales V2

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Duration: 30 minutes.
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As any experienced salesperson will tell you, customers have a nasty habit of not meaning what they say! This duplicity on the part of customers happens for a number of reasons, varying from a wish not to offend, to an instinct for self-preservation when faced by an apparently predatory salesperson!

Body language skills in sales are important because a customer’s feelings, attitude and truthfulness will drive the way the salesperson directs his or her strategy. At any one point in the sale the salesperson needs to know such things as; does the customer like them, is he or she feeling positive, is the customer feeling under pressure and is he or she being truthful?

Traditional sales training tends to focus on scripts and process. Whilst a structure is essential to the sale, it will remain artificial and inflexible unless the salesperson is able to make an objective judgment of the customer’s feelings, emotions and behaviour at any given point of the sale. Being able to interpret and use body language will provide this ability, as well as ensure that the salesperson him or herself maximises the chances of success by the appropriate use of body language.

This course is for anyone keen to develop the questioning element of their communication skill set.

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This course will teach the learner:

- Greeting the customer
- Establishing customer needs
- Making a sales presentation
- Closing a sale


On completion of this course the learner will be able to identify and respond to a customer’s body language and utilise their personal body language in a positive manner.

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