Flexible Working V2

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Duration: 45 minutes.
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Recent years have seen major demographic changes in the workplace with more women, single parents, dual-earning families and employees with caring responsibilities forming part of the workforce. To accommodate the needs of these groups, and maximise the potential of this talent pool, flexible arrangements are crucial when considering how much time is worked, as well as when and where work is done.

Flexible working brings obvious benefits for employees; however it also benefits the organisation. Specifically it:

- Helps to make it an employer of choice
- Attracts a wider pool of job applicants
- Helps to retain good people
- Lowers stress
- Reduces absence levels
- Reduces the effect of personal issues on productivity

This course is for anyone needing to understand how flexible working operates and the benefits it produces.

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This course is designed to teach the learner:

- The issues addressed by flexible working
- The benefits to employees
- The benefits to the organisation
- The legislation
- The Employment Act 2002
- Typical flexible working arrangements
- Introducing flexible working to the organisation


This interactive and engaging course will enable the learner to understand how to implement flexible working and accrue these benefits within the framework of current UK legislation.

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