An Introduction to Time Management

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Duration: 35 minutes.
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The tell-tale signs of poor time management are often apparent in the workplace; people feeling overloaded with work, working late or missing deadlines – often lurching from one crisis to another.

The outcomes of poor time management are potentially harmful for both the individual and the organisation, since productivity suffers, stress takes a hold and morale crashes.

When time is managed well, however, people are exceptionally productive at work, stress levels drop and they can devote time to the interesting, high-reward projects that can make a real difference to a career. The organisation also benefits from higher productivity and well-motivated employees

This course, one of a series, enables the learner to understand the concept of time management, identify any issues they may have and take initial steps to remedy problems.

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This course is designed to teach the learner:

- Time management problems – the symptoms
- What is time management?
- To-do lists
- Personal goals
- Prioritising tasks
- Managing distractions
- Combined discrimination
- Avoiding procrastination
- Avoiding task overload
- Taking breaks
- Scheduling tasks


On completion of this course the learner will be able to use their time more effectively by implementing self-analysis and a time-log to monitor how they use it on a day-by-day basis.

The learner will be aware of how they use their time and how effective this use is in the context of their job role. This self awareness is the first and very important step, on the road to becoming a truly effective time manager.

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