Time Management: Planning and Scheduling

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Duration: 35 minutes.
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Unfortunately, both managers and staff waste a great deal of time at work. This time is not wasted wilfully, but simply because those concerned do not recognise the time-wasting traps into which they are walking and, once in the trap, do not know how to escape.

Better time management by key workers means better productivity and, for the company, an impact on bottom line profits.

This course, therefore, is particularly aimed at managers and concentrates on typical management scenarios. It would, however, be useful for any member of staff, particularly those in a supervisory position or those being groomed for a future management position.

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This course is designed to teach the learner:

- Avoiding procrastination
- Avoiding crisis management
- Effective delegation
- Recognising and dealing with problem people
- Assertiveness
- Dealing with interrupters
- Avoiding time-wasting meetings
- Effective project management
- Dealing with confused responsibility an and authority


On completion of this course the learner will use their time more effectively by avoiding, or dealing with, time-wasting situations.

The learner will become both more efficient and effective, thanks to more productive use of their work time.

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