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Duration: 45 minutes.
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Many managers plead the problems of:
- Insufficient time to manage effectively
- De-motivated & apparently under-valued staff
- Constant management supervision of staff
- Under-skilled individuals

Whilst these problems can be caused by a number of factors, at least one of the solutions is delegation. This is because team members can undertake many non-critical tasks and feel valued as a result of the added responsibility. Also, providing the tasks are well chosen, the team members develop additional skills, and become more self-reliant
as a result of newly found confidence.

If a manager is delegating successfully, the spin-off benefits for the organisation are significant, and include:
- A better managed business
- Higher productivity
- More innovation
- Enhanced market competitiveness
- Impact on bottom line profit

This course is for Line managers or others who need to delegate tasks in order to remain effective in their job role

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This course will teach the learner:

- The benefits of delegation
- How delegation & coaching work together
- Why delegation is under-used or avoided
- The key elements of successful delegation
- When to delegate
- Managing delegation


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:

- Recognise & commit to the benefits del of delegation
- Exploit the link between delegation & coaching
- Identify opportunities for delegation
- Identify and remove the barriers to delegation
- Successfully undertake the delegation process

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