Questioning Skills - Unproductive Questions V2

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Duration: 40 minutes.
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CPD Certified - contributes 1 point towards your CPD.

We learn to ask questions from an early age and, inevitably, get into bad habits. These bad habits take the form of Unproductive Questions, which are questions that either produce little useful information or, worse, do actual harm.

Following this course the learner will be able to avoid such questions and ensure that they are able to obtain accurate information from respondents who are not offended, intimidated or confused by his or her questions.

The manager or staff member who asks Unproductive Questions is probably more of a liability than the one who asks no questions at all! Unproductive Questions confuse and annoy respondents, and also produce inaccurate and potentially harmful data. Avoiding such questions, therefore, is essential if mistakes are to be avoided and staff is to remain motivated.

This course is for anyone keen to develop the questioning element of their communication skill set.

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This course will teach the learner:

- The 4 types of Unproductive Question
- The results of asking Unproductive Questions
- How to avoid Unproductive Questions


On completion of this course the learner will be able to:

- Avoid question types that are not helpful to their personal verbal communications
- Recognise, and deal with, such questions when asked by others

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