About Us

The Learning Portfolio Ltd specialise in the provision of e-learning material, and hosted learning management systems.

Born from a vision of increasing accessibility to learning to SME's, CoursesForYou has developed from it's original model to be a viable system for many different organisations to use to access online learning content.  With the scope of the course offering, and the flexibility the system provides, small and large organisations alike have implemented CoursesForYou to meet their differing training needs.

The ability to use CoursesForYou to generate a revenue stream for an organisation has also been key to many clients in order to provide cost effective access to online learning to individuals, whilst developing the businesses services with minimal risk.  We endeavour to work with and support clients to meet their wide range of needs where possible.

CoursesForYou supports the sustainability and development of people and organisations by deploying the web based pay-as-you-learn system for many of the Times Top Thousand businesses, Public Sector Organisations and SME's.

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